Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum in offerta a €277.16 || GeekBuying da MAGAZZINO ITALIA – Consegna Gratuita in 1-2 Giorni Lavorativi con BRT

in offerta lampo
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum in offerta a €277.16 || GeekBuying da MAGAZZINO ITALIA – Consegna Gratuita in 1-2 Giorni Lavorativi con BRT
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum in offerta a €277.16 || GeekBuying da MAGAZZINO ITALIA – Consegna Gratuita in 1-2 Giorni Lavorativi con BRT

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum oggi è in promozione al prezzo speciale di €277.16 grazie alle offerte e i coupon in collaborazione con GeekBuying da MAGAZZINO ITALIA – Consegna Gratuita in 1-2 Giorni Lavorativi con BRT!

SPEDIZIONE CONSIGLIATA : EU Priority Line da Cina e HK (No Dogana).

In caso di spedizione da magazzino Europeo non ci saranno problemi di dogana e le consegne saranno in tempi molto più brevi.  Maggiori informazioni e guida all’acquisto


– I codici sconto e le offerte lampo hanno durata e quantità variabile 

– i codici sconto non vengono applicati se non si è eseguito il login su Geekbuying

– nel caso in cui un codice non funzionasse o un prezzo non corrispondesse, è perchè la promozione è conclusa o cambiata! Usa il tasto “CERCA” per trovare un’offerta più recente, oppure segnalacelo tramite i nostri contatti


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Ecco un po’ di dettagli sulla scheda tecnica:

SLAM Algorithm

Based on the accurate distance information obtained by the laser ranging sensor and theomnidirectional data such as the gyro direction data; Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner uses itsimpressive simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithm to map the optimalcleaning path around a room avoiding; obstacles; and hazards such as stairs. Odometer dataand accelerometer data; which can be used to construct the room map in real time; so as toprovide the guarantee for the comprehensive path planning.

High Sensitivity and Precision Sensor System

A Laser distance sensor of the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner scans the surroundings of therobot at up to 1800 times per second mapping out a 360-degree picture of the interior ofyour home. It combined with 12 types of other sensors such as the ultrasonic radar sensor;cliff sensor; gyroscope; and accelerometer; in any home environment; 9.6cm fuselage heightcan easily enter the corners of the home; visible and invisible places can be elegantfinish sweeping.

1800Pa Powerful Suction

For smoother cleaning; the robot utilizes powerful NIDEC brushless motor which delivers upto 1800Pa air pressure. The main hover brush automatically adjusts the height to create atight seal with the floor for thorough dirt pick-up on uneven surfaces. It can reach themaximum air volume of 0.67m3/min; the maximum wind pressure of about 1800pa*.

5200mAh High-Capacity Battery

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner comes with a 5200mAh (14.4V / 74.88Wh) lithium ion battery which delivers a cleaning time of around two hours; after which the unit will automatically return to its charging dock to recharge.The vacuum remembers its last location; so even if the battery runs out in the middle of a cycle; the unit will recharge itself and come back to the same spot to re-commence cleaning.

APP Remote Control

The robot also syncs with the Mijia APP; allowing you to switch on and remotely controlthe device; you can check the sweep status in real time and get a real-time map of thecleanup. In addition; you can always arrange it’s cleaning modes and set automaticschedules.

Three Processors

Three separate processors simulate the way of the human brain thinks and collaborate witheach other; to track its real-time movements; calculate the location and determine thebest cleaning routes; making the sweep more efficient. The robot will start cleaning withEdge cleaning mode and Zigzag cleaning mode.

Automatic Self-recharge Function

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner will back to the charging dock and recharge automaticallyafter finishing cleaning. When the power is less than 20%; it will recharge to 80% and geton with the unfinished work.

10 mm Edge Cleaning

Using the wall sensor; the robot keeps a distance of 10 mm from walls and effectivelycleans the edges with the side brush. It is saving the appearance of the device and doesnt damage your design.

Smart and Elegant

Coming with elegant white appearance; the robot adopts high-strength ABS material with IMRprocessing; wear-resistant; and anti-corrosion.


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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

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